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Things to think about when choosing event spaces in Gold Coast

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Many decisions are faced by people organising big events on the Gold Coast. The largest impact will definitely be the choice of event spaces, Gold Coast. All the things from the event, the good experiences of the guests, and the catering options become a success with the right event spaces, Gold Coast selection.

However, choosing the perfect event space for your event should not be intimidating. Not when you know what you need to consider making the choice a good one.

Starting the search for a great venue

It’s always a good idea to begin your search for venues long before the actual event. The top things to consider in your search for a venue include:

  • The size of the event
  • The space required for hosting the event
  • Your budget

Critical things such as planning for event brochures and catering become exceptional when the chosen venue has been booked 4-6 months in advance.

Things to think about when choosing event spaces

Knowing and understanding the factors in the choice of an event space ensure success. The things to think about in your choice of event spaces include:


Access to the venue and its amenities should be open to all guests especially the ones with special needs. Venue accessibility is an important thing to consider when your guests may include children or ones with special needs.

Location, location, location

Location is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a venue. A reasonable distance from places of work or homes of the guests is an important factor in local events. On the other hand, a venue near hotels or the airport is ideal for events with guests coming in from different parts of the state.

One of the standard procedures today is to provide guests with a mobile event app. This will not only help them know information about shuttle or parking; they will also be provided with driving directions to the location.

The chance for guests to arrive late for the event is minimised with the help of the app.

Amenities and services

AV capabilities

Audio visual equipment for your use is offered by some venues. However, not all venues have built-in AV capabilities. Knowing ahead of time is important especially when your event needs this.

Catering services or offers a fully-equipped kitchen

The facility fee is often waived by venues offering catering services. Down payment will be asked by these venues to cover the cost of food for every guest. Venues, on the other hand, with no catering services or kitchens may require you to have a contract with their partner food provider.

Setup and clean-up crew

It is a good find when you get a venue offering setup and clean-up crew. Not all venues offer this top amenity.

Offer linens, chairs, and tables

A great deal of effort and money is saved if you get a venue that offers linens, chairs, and tables to use for your event, provided they match the ambience and theme of your event.

Good planning and preparation hold the key to a successful search for the perfect venue. Knowing what you want to achieve for your event starts you off on the right path towards getting the desired venue. Gold Coast Turf Club is the leading function venue. Contact us to know more about us.