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Sightseeing Lunch Cruise Gold Coast

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The most perfect way to cap or start your vacation on the Gold Coast is to spend a lazy sightseeing lunch cruise Gold Coast. Exciting activities and adventures await you and your loved ones when you opt to book a sightseeing lunch cruise Gold Coast.

The minimum hire for a lunch cruise Gold Coast is usually for two hours and what better way to spend the time in eating delicious food and enjoying the view! Nothing gives one more a decadent feeling than eating delicious food and drinking champagne or refreshments while watching the yacht push aside the blue and beautiful water.

Whale and dolphin watching is also part of the agenda as well as waving at other pleasure-seeking cruisers.

What a 2-hour Sightseeing Lunch Cruise Gold Coast is all About

The best way to take a breather from a hectic work life is to book a 2-hour or opt for a long 3-4 lunch cruise Gold Coast. The longer lunch cruise allows you to admire the breathtaking views of the Gold Coast skyline while traversing the canals of Surfers Paradise. Travelling out to local islands near the Gold Coast can be part of the deal, too.

The benefits gained from even a minimum 2-hour lunch cruise Gold Coast include:

  • A decadent trip.

When the cruise is for a larger group, the yacht often includes a chef on site and bar staff. Booking for an exclusive cruise may cost a bit but also gain the luxury of not having to share the cruise with strangers. Sharing the deliciously catered food with loved ones while looking at the sights Gold Coast has to offer is a thrilling and memorable experience for everyone.

  • BYO alcoholic drinks.

Bringing your own alcoholic drinks on board the ship saves you a fortune on drinks. The fridges and unlimited ice provided by the cruise ship ensure your drinks stay ice-cold throughout the trip.

  • Enjoy your privacy

Sailing away to a secluded spot to enjoy with your friends or family in private. Staying away from the crowded beaches while enjoying life on the water is provided by a lunch cruise. Having a front-seat view and a private space to enjoy all the stunning views Gold Coast has to offer is probably the top benefit of a lunch cruise.

How to Make the Most of Your Lunch Cruise

A 2 or 3-hour cruise trip may soon be over before you know it. The best way to maximise the experience is to plan well ahead. Relaxing and soothing your senses and entire body is achieved with a well-planned lunch cruise.

Making the most of your lunch cruise includes:

  • Make it an Instagram moment. A lunch cruise offers the best time to take some fantastic selfies and group shots to share on Instagram.
  • Tell the cruise what you need. While swimming is not a guaranteed inclusion while on a cruise, it won’t hurt to ask the captain. Letting the captain and crew know about swimming plans allows them to choose the safest currents and tide times to keep you safe. Choosing quiet swimming spots can also be provided by the skipper if informed in advance.
  • Use everything that the cruise has to offer. The various recreational activities provided by the cruise should be utilised to get the most out of the experience.
  • Arrange for a cook. Cooking while on a cruise is often a task that no one wants to do. Paying a small extra can save you the trouble of cooking and serving food and drinks.

Find quality lunch cruises on the Gold Coast by searching cruise reviews on Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook.