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Car Hire

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Choosing the right car rental service

Hiring a car can be of great benefit. Especially if you are on vacation with family and friends you would be using a car for great deal of sight-seeing and other holiday activities. Using a car rental is an easy way to have transport service at your beck and call. Not only do you save precious time but end up saving a great deal on taxi fare as well. We all know the most expensive part of any travel plan is having to pay for transport. Imagine coming to the hotel at late hours, with a car at your beck and call you don’t have to worry about finding a taxi late at night.

If you are using a car hire service in Hervey Bay for the first time, there could be several things in your mind. You might be wondering about travel insurance, gas prices, filled tanks and all that. Just make sure to keep the following things in mind when using a car rental service.

Don’t go for car rentals giving out pre-paid gasoline

No matter how attractive it may sound but a car with pre-paid gasoline is only going to add up to all additional costs you would incur while hiring a car. Most companies claim to charge you only for the amount of fuel you use, but you can’t be too sure and therefore it’s necessary to fill up the gasoline on your own. Until and unless you have a pre-dawn flight then a prepaid gasoline option sounds like a great idea, otherwise the basic advice is to forego it altogether.

Make sure you have the right insurance cover

When you are planning to travel it is always wise to get a look at your insurance plan. There are plans which cover travel expenses. Most car rental companies throw in the additional car insurance to safe keep their vehicles. However, if you are already insured using the car rental service insurance becomes null and void. However, if you don’t have any insurance cover you would have no option but to use the one provided by the rental service.

On the other hand if you have a credit card insurance, its better then transport insurance altogether. It has you covered as well for rental services.

Know your directions

Those who travel via taxi wouldn’t have to worry about something as cumbersome as directions but if you plan on driving on your own you need to have quite a bit of road sense. If you are visiting Hervey bay for the first time make sure you make yourself aware of all the locations beforehand. Taking help from Google maps isn’t a bad idea either. You can reach your direction easily and avoid having to take long routes and spending a great deal on gas. The key is to plan ahead and make sure you are never low on gas.

Choosing the right rental service is not tough especially when you keep the above mentioned things in mind. For more information make sure you contact car hire in Hervey Bay.